Custom Engraving Requirements

Laser engravers work best with crisp clear images with a resolution of 300ppi (pixels per inch) or better.  Most web images are 72ppi or 96ppi, and may need a lot of work to be engraver ready.  We charge $25.00 per hour for image preparation, so the better your image, the better for you.

Our engraver has an engraving area of up to 32"x20".  If your project is larger than that, it may need to be done in sections.

Laser Engravers can not do color.  Color images are converted to gray scale before engraving and will appear like a black and white photograph.

Certain types of art work better on certain materials.  Line art works good on almost all materials, especially glass, metal, leather and plastic.  Photos work best on black marble or wood.

Odd shaped items provided by you for engraving may require a custom jig to hold it in place for engraving.  The price for a jig is dependent on the item.

Pricing for custom work is based on image preparation requirements, laser run time, and jig requirements.  Image prep is $25.00 per hour for non file images.  Image prep is a one time fee per image.  Laser run time is $1.25 per minute.

Family heirlooms, jewelry and non-replacable items will not be engraved.